All-natural ideas for bathroom renovations Noosa homeowners will love

Bathrooms tend to date or look worn out more quickly than the rest of the house because they’re in constant use and subjected to heat and moisture at all hours of the day. The good news is that this gives you a great excuse to regularly update your bathroom to take advantage of the latest design and décor trends.

A popular theme for modern bathrooms is to transform the space into a calming spa-like retreat using all-natural elements.

Here are a few ideas for bathroom renovations Noosa homeowners will love:

  1. Rainfall showers

Rainfall showers mimic the sensation of standing in the rain, but in the comfort of your home, with water pouring at a perfect 90° angle. These shower heads are much larger than conventional shower heads, which makes them a great option if you want to extend the size of your shower space.

While most rainfall showers deliver gentle pressure, they also come with options to increase the water pressure if you’re after a more invigorating experience. You could even splurge on multiple spray nozzles for a full-body shower experience. And a bonus is that because most rainfall showerheads have been designed with eco-efficiency in mind, you’ll usually use less water.

  1. Pebble floors

If you’re bored with standard tiled flooring and want something a bit more luxurious, then pebble flooring is a great option. It involves using round, smooth, regularly sized pebbles that are comfortable underfoot and which have been treated for traction to prevent slipping.

If you want a smoother surface, the pebbles can be shaved flat. Also, if you’d like pebble floors inside your shower, the surface can be treated to ensure water- and mould-resistance.

  1. Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are guaranteed to make it feel like you’re showering outside in nature. This type of wall creates a beautiful rustic aesthetic and is low-maintenance because the natural hues, uneven colouring and varying shapes of the stones disguise signs of wear and tear and don’t show dirt quickly. The stones can be polished for a more glamorous finish and can be limited to a single section of the bathroom to create a statement piece.

To integrate these natural elements in perfect harmony in your bathrooms, you’ll need a Noosa bathroom renovation expert who specialises in total bathroom renovations. Better Bathrooms Queensland fits the bill!