Bathroom renovation ideas

Envision your home project and unlock the possibilities. Here are the top bathroom trends, as voted by our customers, to get you inspired in your bathroom renovation. One of these styles will be perfect for your home and lifestyle. 


A revival of the classics. If your idea is merging modern design elements blended with traditional features, then go for the Neo-Classic style.  This bathroom renovation project could be a fun mix of old and new.  

Hotel Experience

A luxurious hotel vibe every day. Indulge in the high-end feel in this bathroom renovation idea.  Hotel touches can be applied in the form of stone basins or countertops and unique faucets. The hotel experience calls for extravagant details, natural lighting,  heating, and large tiles.

Spa retreat 

A personal spa at home. Nothing spells relaxation and pampering like a spa. Creating this environment at home is the best way to start and end an ordinary day.


Classic yet timeless. Traditional styles are simple yet give your bathroom that understated and elegant vibe.


Planning will keep you on track and under budget but even the best plans fail at some point. Be prepared to cover any inevitable delay. Here are some potential hurdles to avoid.

Examine what’s below

Possible pitfalls lurking under your tiles are water leakages and rotting floors. Check these flooring problems so you know how big a renovation you are dealing with.

Plan for customization

Bespoke or customized fixtures like vanities, benchtops or cabinets are great additions but these may take longer than you expect. Design and order these ahead but give time for delays.   


Asbestos was used in floors, ceilings, and walls of old homes. Have the professionals inspect and remove asbestos from your bathroom. 

Plan your tradespeople

Keeping a schedule is potentially chaotic. The right handyman coming in as scheduled can make or break your timeline. Book these contractors early and allow time for each stage to be completed.  

We got all the tradespeople you need

Tradespeople are vital to your renovation. They are the ones who will keep up with your schedule and build your dream bathroom. Choose professionals you trust to make sure they are putting your interest first.


If you decide to hire a  builder or contractor, select someone you can easily speak with and clearly understands your vision.  This is vital for any build. (Note: builders have affiliated tradespeople like tilers and electricians.)


Leave bathroom plumbing to the experts. The plumbers’ job includes installing pipes and faucets and preventing and repairing leaks. Deal only with a licensed plumber.


Any job involving electricity should only be done by licensed professionals for your safety and compliance with building regulations. The electrician will fix all powered items like lighting, switches, and sockets. 


This could be you! If not, choose a professional interior designer who gets your ideas and knows exactly what you want. 


Before tiling, a waterproofer should inspect the bathroom. He will see to it that the bathroom abides the building regulations. The waterproofer’s tasks are to test any potential leakages in joints, fittings or holes. Then he will seal these with several layers of silicone.  Consult a professional waterproofer to avoid any harm.