3 Budget-friendly Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovations in Noosa

Bathroom renovations have a notorious reputation for digging holes in your pocket, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. With a few budget-friendly ideas for your bathroom renovation in Noosa to build upon, you can have a dream bathroom you can be proud to show off.

3 Budget-friendly bathroom renovations ideas

Over time, extra moisture and steam can have bathrooms looking worn out and shabby quicker, when compared with other rooms which is why renovating a bathroom often tops most home improvements lists. If you have more than one room to give a makeover to, you will want to consider some of these renovation ideas (that are not so heavy on your pocket) to glam up your bathroom.

  • Choose a few luxury bathroom essentials

One of the basic essentials every bathroom needs is lighting fixtures. If you can’t afford the top-end fixtures, simply choosing well-placed soft lighting fixtures can quickly and affordably create a glamorous look and feel.

  • Allocate more money for must-have items

Certain bathroom products and accessories like a proper bath and adequate storage solutions should be a priority. In order to create a pristine look with clean lines, a bathroom has to be clutter free. This means choosing clever multi-functional storage solutions like vanity cabinets with in-built storage, mirror-fronted wall cabinets or including recessed niches for those items that are best kept hidden but also easily available when needed.

  • Consider updating bathroom fixtures

Often giving a bathroom a facelift just requires updating its fixtures and replacing outdated lighting. A new modern shower head design can improve aesthetical value, so too can floor lamps.

According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research in 2017, there has been an upward trend in home improvement activity with 8.4 million Australian homeowners improving the value and aesthetics of their homes. Join the millions of other Australian homeowners and take the first step in being house-proud of your Noosa home with a bathroom renovation. At Betta Bathrooms Qld we have everything you will need.