The Best Time For Bathroom Renovations On The Sunshine Coast

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of one of the best kept insider secrets in the home remodelling industry – undertaking renovations during the winter months.

In the same way that you need extra loving care and attention during winter to counter the winter blues, so too does your home. Home renovations are one of the best ways to provide your home with a little TLC.

If you’re planning bathroom renovations on the Sunshine Coast, here are 3 key reasons to undertake the remodelling work this winter: scheduling, contractor availability and discounted product pricing.

Advantageous scheduling
Scheduling bathroom renovations in winter is not really a hard sell if you consider the unique advantages involved. These advantages can take the form of quicker supplier delivery times with fewer mistakes involved. Another time-consuming factor that is facilitated better in winter is getting renovation approval from relevant authority bodies who have less applications to process.

Home renovation contractors are a dime a dozen – there are plenty to be found. Great contractors, on the other hand are like rare diamonds – you are often subjected to their availability. Not if you choose to schedule your home improvement plans for the winter when their calendars offer that much needed flexibility. With more time available they can dedicate better focus to your project.

Reduced rates
Remodelling in winter allows you to stay ahead of price increases and reap the rewards of reduced pricing. It is not just the contractors who may discount the price of their services but suppliers and manufacturers too. Discounted pricing may come off the back of discontinued product lines or the need to move products to make space for new models.

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